Monday, January 16, 2012

Candle with glass ornaments

We need:
stubs of candles
glass bottle
package from a milk or juice
Two needles

Stages of work:
To begin with the form to make candles. Take the package out of milk or juice, and right on the package will measure the height of our future and even candles add 2 cm Let us cut off - get the form.
Glass bottle put in a cloth bag with a hammer and break into small pieces (can substitute chopped final smalt) of which shall be an ornament. It is best to pick up the glass of different colors: brown, yellow, red, blue, green.
Now, you need to melt the candle stubs. This is best done in a water bath: place stubs in a tin and place in boiling water.
While cinder melted, let us deal with ornament. Take the form of package and put it on its side. Formed on a horizontal surface lay out the bottle shards. Very carefully pour the resulting molten wax pattern so that it was covered completely. To wax flowed, bend 2 cm upwards. Give him cool. Similarly, treat the remaining parties.
Until the wax cools, make the wick. Its length is equal to the height of the candle plus 5 cm to the wick was tough, you need to dip it a few times in hot wax.
On the package form crosswise put two spokes. Mezhuyev them lower the wick to the bottom, fixing the upper end of the tape. Then the remainder of the wax fill in the form of a few tricks! (Otherwise the melted wax in the ornament and deformed pattern). Leave until completely hardened. Remove the needle, cut the bag, trim the wick.
A new candle is ready.

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