Monday, January 16, 2012

How to make a new spark

New Year's holiday will be so priyanee than strange to be home decorating. Perhaps the most mysterious and beautiful decoration is candles. Interesting candles can be made independently.
Melt the wax in a water bath and heat it to 95 ° C. (It is also possible to melt the wax in the oven.) If the wax is transparent, do not let water into it, otherwise it will muddy areas. In the transparent wax can be added to the concentrated dye in the proportion of 0.1-0.2%. You can instead add a piece of transparent wax-colored wax.

Mosaic candle.
You will need: cinder candles wick, blue bottle, barbecue skewers, a strong plastic bag and pack out of milk or juice, tin, duct tape, hammer, scissors, rubber gloves.

Job Description: on the package of the milk to note the height of the candle at a distance of 2 cm from the upper part of the package label cut. Put the bottle in a plastic bag and smash with a hammer into small pieces. The package put to one side, inside a horizontal surface to put bottle shards and shear wall to bend up the package. Stubs of candles placed in a tin and melt in a water bath. Shards pour a small amount of melted wax and let it harden. Receiving repeated 2 times, and thus completely fix the pieces. Similarly, do a mosaic on the other side of the package. Take the wick segment length equal to a height of 5 cm + candle wick to give the necessary stiffness, dipping it several times in hot wax and allowing him to freeze. The package put vertically on top of him to put two skewers and between lowered to the bottom of a wick. The upper end of the wick attached to the skewer with tape. Package in a few tricks (aka melted wax mosaic) complete with hot wax and left to the final set. Skewer to remove the package to cut, remove the candle, the wick to shorten.

Hanging lanterns.
You will need: Glass jars for canning with wire clamps for removable covers, a narrow band synthetic yellow, aquatic plants, floating candles.
Job Description: Cover jars with lift, banks, half filled with water and put them in water plants and floating candles. Tape folded in half and attach to ushkam clamp. Lanterns hang.

Just like a chameleon.
Green or blue, red or yellow? Food dyes water can be painted in various colors, so this candle holder is ideal for any serving.

And you can do yourself and floating candles: melt the wax, pour into molds for baking, insert the wick and allow the wax to harden.

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